Donations and sponsors!  You are a winner!

Peace to the entire world!

 Gallenberger Cleaning for education for our veterans and families 

Gregg Daily donation for books

People have a lot of love in their hearts, and one should not doubt their love.   Please donate..   A good education does not go to waste.  From what I can see, you are a winner.  Today, the way you prevented a riot, that was nothing else but your victory.  The sunsets every evening but I have never seen the sun get worried because of this.  Do you know why?  Because the sun has full faith that he will rise again the next morning and make the whole world shine.

When the participants are in their pain and they are suffering so much, that they are troubled by their pain.  They will bend before the substance abuse, drugs, and alcohol.   To solve these problems violence and anger to oneself is not the solution for anger and revenge.  it isn't wise to get emotional and react immediately.  This education is very different from what is taught.  There is no food or water if the students should not come to know about this problem,

If they find out, they will lose their confidence.  and it is our duty to maintain their confidence.  If you keep trying, you will always find a solution.  If we continue making efforts with complete dedication, sooner or later, we will definitely find a solution.  I am not trying to impress anyone then I will also do what I feel is correct.  We should not bother them with petty problems at this time but help in the recovery process of the mind.  Keep laughter is good for our health.  

  "Upvaas" "Up" means "close." and "vaas" means "stay."  Upvaas means "staying close."  But stay close to whom?  Stay close to that divine power and keep praying continuously that he would give us the power to face every challenge with confidence If we fast from time to time, it's good for our health.  so today, we all will fast.  When the participants come to the Joy center a person is not judged by his caste.  In fact here,  people talk about manliness, knowledge, skills and about the moral high ground.  they are content. Thant will be operation dare to care mission where every person comes out as a diamond.  And you are the one who carves these diamonds.  It is a heaven on earth and you are the one who has made this possible.  with the principles,  If our entire country becomes like this it gives a chance to reconnect to one true possibilities.  My dream for Operation Dare To Care os that in every person's life there will be effectiveness, non-greediness and divinity.  People will have goodwill, virtue, morals and knowledge in them.  It is here where I have dreamed of this place.  In such critical situation like this emergency, if you lose hope,  then the dreams of Operation Dare To Care remain a dream.  This is a big battle Everyone is starving for peace of mind and we will try our best.  I will ask for donations to get this project done so that no one remains hungry.   I will go to nearby towns and countries.  I will get so many donations there can have enough food for the mind and body.

Two wrongs don't make a right correcting the wrong makes it right.  So if you help me everything will be all right.  

Then I will only help my self if you help yourself then you will help others.  

So we will have to go to nearby towns to collect food and money enough food so that during tis crisis, everyone can have food.   Asking is one of the fundamentals one it is important to break one's own ego.   You are doing a noble work.   Donners this is of medical value they are used for treating the problems of the mind.  Everyone mind is the same but I am Allowing my mind to be like turmeric.  I'm very happy like turmeric is added to food to add flavor,  but if it gets on clothes, it stains.  And if you drink or apply it, then it's medicine.  But termic is one thing but it depends upon its use,  that it is medicine, stain or tast.  Just like with the mind,  It depends upon how it's being used.   I want to win on my own ability.  

Everyone gets the same knowldge but there is only one like you. If you weren't there,  something bad would've happened.  Your strength gave me strength, to stay firm in my decision.   


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